Thursday, July 31, 2008

My beautiful Becca

Rebecca got some special "Daddy Time" last weekend. The two of them went up to North Carolina to visit Robert's parents (his mother had fractures in both legs!)

She had a good time picking blackberries. Here's a couple pictures Robert took.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Heaven help us, we're lapbooking ...

I kind of can't believe we're making lapbooks. It seems like such a stereotypical homeschooling thing to do. What's next, am I going to start wearing denim jumpers and baking my own bread?

Anyway, I discovered and printed off the templates for the Phonics Chart Lapbook, which Rachael is holding below. She also did an addition lapbook from the same website. She really likes it. I was actually surprised how much she likes it, because when I first heard the idea, I thought it seemed awfully ... canned.

If you're not familiar with lapbook, I'll explain this a bit: Every "minit book" deals with a different consonant blend. For instance, the airplane has several "PL" words and is folded up accordian style. Each "BL" block has a different "BL" word written inside. For the Stop sign book, you cut and paste different endings to a "ST" on each page to make different words.

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