Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Alice is making a comeback

You maybe remember that Rachael was a big fan of Alice in Wonderland 2-3 years ago, as you can see here and here. She was often wearing blue dresses and acting out parts of the story. We saw two different Alice plays.

Then nothing for a long time. I wondered if she even remembered how much she had liked it.

Well, we recently went to the movie to see The Squeakquel [help me] and saw the poster for the new Alice in Wonderland movie. (Although we will probably not be seeing that one.)

So I guess maybe that reminded her, because she recently started reading my hardback copy of Alice in Wonderland -- YES, the one that my friend Kim gave me for my eleventh birthday after we had both been "cards" in our fifth grade musical version. This is the first "classic" sort of book Rachael's read by herself.

She also asked to watch this 70's musical movie version we got a couple years ago. We're watching it right now. It's full of "70's stars" -- Sammy Davis Jr as the catterpillar, Red Buttons as the White Rabbit, Imogene Coca (who I remember as "Aunt Jenny" from the Brady Bunch, ha!) as the Cook Martha Raye ("the denture woman") as the Duchess, Scott Baio as ... um .... somebody.

So it's kind of neat to see this interest sprout up again. And it's neat to see how much she's changed and grown since the last time she was into it.

It's a musician's life ...

Obviously, one downside to being a musician is the unpredictability.

Here's how things had been going for me lately:

In September I was hired to play for a five-show running of Godspell, started learning the music and going to rehearsals.
In October were the actual performances.
In November, due to popular demand, we performed a second run in another theater in town.
In December I made $1800 playing at Christmas parties and concerts.

And in January, I had nothing.

This was actually Good. I caught my breath. I recorded a demo CD and mailed it out to several catering directors and wedding planners. I read a novel. I made an Unofficial Goal in head that, once I made $1,000 in 2010, I would buy myself a Kindle.

But now ... it's mid-February. I haven't played anywhere since Christmas, and I am starting to get antsy.

I actually am playing somewhere in a few weeks -- gratis. I won't write too many of the details here, because this is a personal blog and my full name is on the event's website. But let's just say it's a charity fundraiser at the Ritz-Carlton, and I'm playing background music for cocktail hour and dinner.

Am I foolish to be playing for free in exchange for my name being on the website and programs? I guess only time will tell. I'll be sure to report back.

Monday, February 15, 2010

A turn in the tide ...

Two little things have happened recently that are Big Deals.

First, about a month ago we convinced Benjamin that wearing underwear wasn't such a bad thing, and now is using the potty regularly, not just when he's home and naked. (He wears diapers at night only.) This is really nice. I'm sure we are saving money every month, too.

Second, a couple weeks ago he started buckling and unbuckling his car seat by himself.

This is really striking, if you think about it. For over eight and a half years now, I've been buckling one (or more!) kids. Now that's over. Forever.

So that's really something.