Monday, February 15, 2010

A turn in the tide ...

Two little things have happened recently that are Big Deals.

First, about a month ago we convinced Benjamin that wearing underwear wasn't such a bad thing, and now is using the potty regularly, not just when he's home and naked. (He wears diapers at night only.) This is really nice. I'm sure we are saving money every month, too.

Second, a couple weeks ago he started buckling and unbuckling his car seat by himself.

This is really striking, if you think about it. For over eight and a half years now, I've been buckling one (or more!) kids. Now that's over. Forever.

So that's really something.


Rebecca said...

Both of these things are Huge. Definitely worthy of a blog post. Congratulations on a newfound freedom!

Lesa McMahon said...