Monday, June 15, 2015

I'm back -- and I've moved!

I'm back!

Well ... sort of.

This blog was a great coping mechanism years ago while my family was going through some very difficult times, mostly due to multiple sudden and severe medical problems.

Once I felt like we were moving through some issues and arriving at a new place, I didn't feel the need to post as much ... and then eventually, not at all.

Now I'm starting a brand-new blog with a new angle. It will be a combination of "Stuff I'm Up To" and Amazon Affiliate marketing.

For example, I was looking into getting a waffle maker, and I wrote about some of the ones I was considering here. Next week I'll be writing about some of the best flat-irons for curly hair. Since it's summer, I keep thinking about ice cream, so I might start doing some research about homemade ice cream makers.

But only about 20% of this new blog will be product reviews and affiliate marketing. 80% of it will just be random stuff -- what we've been up to, somewhere fun we went, something good we ate, something interesting we watched on TV.

If anyone is still out there, please consider coming to join me, even if you just pop in to say hi. Thanks!

My New Blog:
Seinfeld, Swimming, and Strawberries

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